Metro Manila Properties

Hello Future Home Owners, 

Welcome to Metro Manila Properties Page, on this page we will try to help you to find your perfect #DreamHome that will suite to your preference if not, will try the nearest possible.. 

Basically in Metro Manila Properties, we have Two (2) Category ready for sale, and these are:
1. House And Lot / Townhouses 
2. Condominium 

Note: Property (Condo / Apartment / House / Townhouse) for rent, are not available at the time being

As you could see, below are only Initial Property Listings that you could refer, and arrange per location basis for your easy selection.

Kindly click your selected Project Name of the Property as per your Location Preference to know about the Description of the Project, Sample Computation, Type of Financing, as well as Seller's Contact Details

Just in case, your Property Preference are not yet available or publish online, suggest:

▸ Chose your preferred location below
▸ Select Property Name of the Project, then hit click
▸ Find Seller's Contact Details at the bottom of the selected promotion
▸ Call the Seller Hotline for your immediate assistance

✔ HOUSE AND LOT / TOWNHOUSES Property Category:

⚪ Valenzuela City 
   ⚫ Grand Cedar Homes, 4-5K monthly PagIbig Financing

✔ CONDOMINIUM Property Category:

 Lancris Residences RFO Low Downpayment

Paranaque City
   Lancris Residences, RFO 
   ⚫ Lancris Residences, 2Br, Pre-Selling

Mandaluyong City      
   ⚫ Sunshine 100, RFO, PagIbig

That's all for the meantime Dear Future Home Owners, bookmarked our HomePage (Philippine Best Properties) for your quick reference.

You may comment as well your request and we will prioritize it the soonest possible.

Thanks and God Bless You All.

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