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Azure North: Your home in Pampanga's first-ever beach resort

A beach in the heart of Metro Manila was once a dream.

Azure Urban Resort Residences Masterplan

Now it has become a REALITY. Today, residents of Azure in Paranaque City are enjoying the beach resort lifestyle that they can only imagine 3 yrs ago. Investors are also enjoying rental income from both long term and short term tenants who wanted to live somewhere near their workplace but at the same time can experience the white sand in this residential communities' man-made beach, the Azure Beach. For urban professionals who want a balance in their fast-paced career and young families wanting a more relaxed environment for their children, they find refuge here.

This project has given a whole new meaning to the word "staycation" as evidenced by its residents, investors and tenants' posts in social media.

  The triumph of Azure in Manila has inspired its developer, Century Properties to create something special once more.


Inspired by the world-famous El Nido, Palawan, the planned residential towers/town house clusters will evoke the sense of rocky outcrops that spring organically from the water and are topped with lush, verdant greenery.

Rising in the bustling and booming northern city 
of San Fernando Pampanga, right at the western corner 
of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), flanked by supermalls Robinson's and SM City, AZURE NORTH will be the hottest new masterplanned resort project north of Metro Manila, an hour travel from Quezon City.

A place this inspiring is truly something you deserve.



Each AZURE NORTH residential tower unit will be designed to not only maximize the tropical views and natural daylight of the project but to be an elegant, warm, and welcoming home for its residents.


1) STUDIO Unit (Ideal for young professionals)
Unit Area: 22.05 sqm
Total Area with balcony: 27.080 sqm
Selling Price: P 2,758,649.50

23% Downpayment: 557,936.86 (Payable in 41 months)
Less Reservation Fee: 50,000.00
Step-Up Payment Schedule
Month 1 to 12: 11,034.60
Month 13 to 24: 13,103.59
Month 25 to 36: 15,172.57
Month 37 to 41: 17,241.56

Turnover Balance (thru bank financing): 2,150,712.64
₱ 2,150,713 loan, fixed term for 10 years @ 7.25% Estimated rate
20 years: ₱16,999
15 years: ₱19,633
10 years: ₱25,250

2) 1BR Unit (Spacious home for starting families)
Unit Area: 47.260 sqm
Total Area with balcony: 72.770 sqm
Selling Price: P 6,746,984.00

23% Downpayment: 1,521,445 (Payable in 41 months)
Less Reservation Fee: 50,000.00
Base Term Payment Schedule
Month 1 to 41: ₱37,109

Turnover Balance (thru bank financing): 5,175,539
₱ 5,175,539 loan, fixed term for 5 years @ 6.49% Estimated rate
20 years: ₱38,557
15 years: ₱45,056
10 years: ₱58,741

2) 2BR Unit (For the established investor)
Unit Area: 73.120 sqm
Total Area with balcony: 106.670 sqm
Selling Price: P 11,045,398.65
Payment Term Discount: P 58,681.03
Net Selling Price: P 10,986,718

20% Downpayment: 2,159,080 (Payable in 35 months)
Less Reservation Fee: 50,000.00
Base Term Payment Schedule
Month 1 to 35: 61,688

Turnover Balance (thru bank financing): 8,777,638
₱ 8,777,638 loan, fixed term for 5 years @ 6.49% Estimated rate
20 years: ₱65,392
15 years: ₱76,414
10 years: ₱99,624

"I'm so very excited about AZURE NORTH! Friends have told me that the locals have impeccable taste. That goes for travel, clothes, furniture, and of course, food! I just know that you will all love AZURE NORTH. And when it's all done, I look forward to seeing you there." -Paris Hilton

Own your very own piece of paradise in AZURE NORTHwhile it is pre-selling and enjoy property value appreciation upon turnover by year 2019. Experience the rewards either as a resident or an investor!

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